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Men's Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is a truly essential part of any man’s wardrobe, a piece that is so ubiquitous that it is available from a dizzying array of brands and in a kaleidoscopic range of styles and colours.

The polo rose to prominence in the American upper middle classes during the affluent 1950s. It became popular largely thanks to the gradual relaxation of dressing standards for men. After WWII, it became more acceptable for men to wear something other than suits in their leisure time, but most still wanted to be seen as well put together. Polo shirts offered an option equidistant between a dress shirt and a t shirt. The style only became more common as the years wore on, with its use by the likes of President John F. Kennedy catapulting it to a new level of popularity and enshrining its permanent place within the prep wear canon.

Selected well, a polo shirt can become a go-to piece of your sartorial arsenal for years to come. But an inferior product or poor design choice can quickly find its way to the bottom of your drawers, never to be seen again.

At Mowbray, we make our polo shirts from Pima pique cotton to offer comfort and softness combined with a strength to withstand numerous washes without losing any of the polo’s original athletic fit.

Our polos range includes styles such as the prep-inspired insignia designs such as the Wimbourne, which features a sash colour break that lends the top a touch of personality without diminishing its versatility in any way. For those looking for a more basic option, our more minimalist Hexham design has proven hugely popular and is available in a small selection of timeless hues designed to work seamlessly with every other aspect of your outfit.