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Men's Denim Jeans

A staple part of any man’s wardrobe, a classic pair of stonewashed blue denim jeans are one of the most truly versatile pieces of clothing that a gent can own.

Capable of being dressed down with a minimalist block colour t shirt for that classic Americana-inspired look or dressed up with a smart button down, jeans have become ubiquitous in Western apparel.

However, for such a well-worn item, jeans are extremely easy to get wrong. Timeless they may be, but it’s a common mistake to think that just because they have history on their side that there’s no going wrong with them. In fact, jeans offer men a tricky tightrope to walk in order to avoid falling into the fashion faux pas camp.

Perhaps the hardest part of jeans to get right is the cut. There are seemingly hundreds of different variations, and it’ll come as a surprise to some that most are at best out of style in the current climate.

So how can denim jeans be truly timeless if they’re so susceptible to the whims of the fashion world? Because there are a couple of types of jeans that are truly ageless, just as there are with most types of clothing.

Straight, slim-fitting (yet not skin tight) jeans with either a slight fade or a solid indigo or navy colourway are the options that we offer here at Mowbray because there is simply no competing with them. Other styles and colours may come in and out of vogue, but our jeans boast the classic look because they are just that - classic. They’ve never been out of style, and with jeans becoming an ever-more accepted piece of attire in the workplace, that’s not about to change in a hurry.