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Men's Chino Trousers and Shorts

The perfect compromise between jeans and suit trousers, chinos have grown in popularity over the last few years as men’s professional clothing has trended away from the tried and tested formula of a suit and tie for all occasions and towards a more relaxed and expressive way of dressing.

However, chinos are by no means a new invention. They first rose to prominence, like polo shirts, during the 1950s and early 1960s in an America basking in the glory of its post-war boom. At the time, as the country began to embrace the ideas of suburbia, leisure clubs and a way of life (on the weekends at least) that was slower and less frenetic than life in city, men’s clothing followed suit. Gone were the days of wearing a dress shirt every day of the week; now it was seen as acceptable to dress down somewhat.

Chinos in both their trouser and shorts forms became a ubiquitous staple of prep wear, with the likes of Hollywood luminaries and even President John F. Kennedy combining them with polos and short sleeved shirts for a smart look that still erred on the side of casual.

Since then, chinos have gone from strength to strength. At Mowbray, they were an obvious inclusion in our range thanks to their ability to be smart and yet still allow the man wearing them to add a touch of personality to his outfit.

Both our chino shorts and trousers have been created with a slim (but not skinny) and form flattering silhouette. Our chino trousers offer enough length to be cuffed, while our shorts finish just above the knee for a timeless look. Both trousers and shorts have been made using a mid-weight cotton twill for durability and ease of care, while premium YKK zips have been used on the fly.